Skb Mobile Safety Suite - All in One

Skb Mobile Safety Suite - All in One 2.02

Protect your mobile


  • Great email manager
  • Secure


  • Have to retype password a lot

Very good

With more and more information being stored on mobile phones, and much of it business-related and confidential, it's becoming very important to get some serious security. Skb Mobility Suite offers just that, giving complete protection of any file on your phone, be it text messages, contacts or anything else. The software works by enabling the user to lock any file on their phone with a secret password. What's more files can be hidden so random users won't even know they are there.

The security suite works by creating a virtual inbox where it can hide confidential messages. You manage this in the same way that you send incoming emails to different folders in Outlook. It can get very annoying having to type and retype the password constantly to read messages, so only those that really need confidentially may find benefits in this, but the software ensures that only messages tagged as protected will require the secret code. Mobility Suite is actually a really good email manager, plus it's very secure.

Skb Mobility Suite ensures complete protection of any type of data like SMS, all files, contacts, eWallet or any other files. It's password protected so that no-one else except the phone owner can ever see the data contents without knowing the password and would not even know that there are some data or files inside which are in fact hidden.


  • Keeps user's private or confidential information secure and avoids it from being used by someone else
  • Frees the user from the threat of theft as full protection of data from being misused is ensured
  • Application makes it harder for someone to spy on your phone
  • No-one (except user) will come to know about the hidden data or that there is some date hidden
  • The traditional way of navigation makes it easier to use the application
  • Blocks casual browsing on phone

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Skb Mobile Safety Suite - All in One


Skb Mobile Safety Suite - All in One 2.02

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